Claude, Lison and Sophie

Kimberly turned an impossible situation into a dream come true.  We are now the proud parents to an incredible little girl.  Her knowledge and personal touch through the adoption process was exceptional.  We thank her from the bottom of our hearts.”

Dan, Diane and Daniel

“Kimberly was key through our adoption process. It was a lengthy process that was very emotional charged and a difficult time for us. Kim knew everything about this complicated process, she kept our spirits high when we were low and kept the light shinning bright when our watch tower was dim. From the bottom of our hearts, we are forever thankful for everything she did for us! “


Adrian and Roberta

“When you are going though an emotional decision in your life, there are times when you earnestly long for someone to come along side you and pick you up.  To tell you that everything is going to work out, and be OK, and actually mean it.  Not to simply offer cliches or words you want to hear, but words based in truth and with a heart as passionate about your child as you are.  To us, Kimberly was that person.  Even when family cast doubt onto our decision to adopt, she stood steadfastly beside us, holding us up, encouraging us, and embracing our new child when she entered our family.  It was hard to tell at times who was more excited about our adoption, us or her.”

To read more about Adrian and Roberta’s Forever Family on their blog click here.

Laura Metcalfe

“Kim is passionate about life and inspires others as she reaches out and connects in a positive, affirming and sensitive manner.  Kim is a role model for others. She was instrumental in linking two other grandchildren with wonderful local families ensuring a linkage with their siblings in open adoptions.  Kim is a ‘forever blessing’.”

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