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Kimberly Sabourin

Kimberly Sabourin

Executive Director

Kimberly Sabourin is the Executive Director and Lead Adoption Consultant of Destiny Adoption Services. She is an adoptive mother and understands the complexities of the adoption process first hand as well as the challenges adoptive children and their families may face post-adoption. Destiny Adoption Services exists to provide support for decisions regarding an unintended pregnancy and for families wanting to adopt. Our services ensure birth parents have support in their decision to place their child for adoption and to resource and empower adoptive families with the knowledge, support and certainty in their choice to adopt.

Kimberly is married and has three children and two grown stepchildren and three grandchildren.

They reside in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The Adoption Council of Ontario completed a profile of the Sabourin family, read it here.

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