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About Destiny

About Destiny

Destiny Adoption Services is a non-profit agency that offers assistance throughout Ottawa for all those involved in the adoption process; birth parents, adoptive families and the child.


Decision Aid Counselling
Consultation for Adoptive Families
Resource and Community Support
Knowledge in exploring the practical, emotional and legal implications of an adoption decision.

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The first step in an adoption is helping you make an informed decision. We will help you explore adoption and determine if adoption is the best plan for you and the child. Choices are examined to ensure you will be confident in your adoption decision today and in the years to come. We will help you through the adoption process to ensure it is the right one for you. You will not be alone.

Here are some questions you may have.


Absolutely. You will receive a variety of profiles of prospective adoptive parents that include photos as well as the values, qualities and characteristics that are important to you. We will help you think through all the characteristics that are important to you to help make this decision.


Yes. Prior to delivery, you will have the opportunity to create an openness agreement which would include visits post placement. This agreement is facilitated with your birth parent counsellor, your Licensee as well as the adoptive parents. We work to ensure mutually agreed upon terms and conditions of the openness agreement are adhered to.


In Ontario, there is a 21-day waiting period wherein you are able to change your mind. You will sign a Consent to Adoption form 7 days after the birth of your baby with an Independent Lawyer that is provided to you. You will then have 21 days after the signing of this consent to change your mind. Your birth parent counselor will provide support through the process.


Absolutely. You will have six months of post-adoption support from your birth parent counsellor. Following the six months, you will have the option of meeting regularly with one of our post-adoption counsellors for as long as you may need.

For additional information please do not hesitate to email us or reach us by calling 613.852.4735

Hoping To Adopt

Hoping To Adopt

Adoption is an overwhelming process. It does not happen overnight and there are many complex elements to consider. Our consultants will empower and resource you with the knowledge and support you will need for the adoption process. Adoption is our speciality and we are here to help.

Here are some questions you may have.


A pregnancy is nine months and it can take months of trying before you conceive. An adoption is similar in that timeframe. If you want to become parents, there are children available.


There are three ways you can adopt.

  1. Public Adoption
  2. Private Adoption
  3. International Adoption

There are basic requirements for every adoption. You will be required to obtain a Home Study by an approved adoption practitioner. You will be required to complete the mandated Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education, also known as PRIDE Training Course. This is a 9-module, 27 hour educational training program that is interconnected with the Homestudy process. You will have to provide medical referrals from your Physician, go through various police record clearances, child welfare checks and provide letters of references. Be prepared for ample amount of paperwork.


  1. A Public Adoption has very minimal fees.
  2. A Private Adoption can cost upwards of $15,000.
  3. An International Adoption can cost upwards of $40,000.


Absolutely.  However, some international adoptions have stipulations on singles adopting.


Adoption is something that a couple must be in 100% agreement. We are available to provide pre-adoption counselling to answer questions and to discuss your knowledge, values, supports and certainty of the process.

For additional information please do not hesitate to email us or reach us by calling 613.852.4735

Pre-Post Adoption Counselling

Pre-Post Adoption Counselling


Deciding if adoption is the right choice for your family is an enormous decision. Extended family may not understand or be supportive, there may be some factors that may seem insurmountable. Destiny Adoption Services will provide you with the support you need to make the most informed decision possible. We will assist in giving you the tools you need to share with your family and friends about the decision you are considering or have made.


You have adopted and now reality is setting in. Destiny Adoption Services will help you during the transitionary period of becoming a new family. The first meeting with the birth parents or when the questions from your child begin. Destiny Adoption Services is available to walk you through the next steps until you are confident and secure in your family.

We also offer counselling specific for children to help them understand and put words to the emotions they may be experiencing. Older adopted children may present symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, insomnia, stress and other behavioural issues.  The book Our Chosen Child – Talking to Children About Inter-Cultural Adoption is a wonderful tool in helping your child express their feelings. There is a guide at the back of the book that will assist in the parenting of your adopted child.

For additional information please do not hesitate to email us or reach us by calling 613.852.4735



Kimberly turned an impossible situation into a dream come true.  We are now the proud parents to an incredible little girl.  Her knowledge and personal touch through the adoption process was exceptional.  We thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

Claude, Lison and Sophie

“Kimberly was key through our adoption process. It was a lengthy process that was very emotional charged and a difficult time for us. Kim knew everything about this complicated process, she kept our spirits high when we were low and kept the light shinning bright when our watch tower was dim. From the bottom of our hearts, we are forever thankful for everything she did for us! ”

Dan, Diane and Daniel

When you are going though an emotional decision in your life, there are times when you earnestly long for someone to come along side you and pick you up.  To tell you that everything is going to work out, and be OK, and actually mean it.  Not to simply offer cliches or words you want to hear, but words based in truth and with a heart as passionate about your child as you are.  To us, Kimberly was that person.  Even when family cast doubt onto our decision to adopt, she stood steadfastly beside us, holding us up, encouraging us, and embracing our new child when she entered our family.  It was hard to tell at times who was more excited about our adoption, us or her.

Adrian and Roberta
To read more about Adrian and Roberta’s Forever Family on their blog click here.

“Kim is passionate about life and inspires others as she reaches out and connects in a positive, affirming and sensitive manner.  Kim is a role model for others. She was instrumental in linking two other grandchildren with wonderful local families ensuring a linkage with their siblings in open adoptions.  Kim is a ‘forever blessing’.”

Laura Metcalfe

Please have a look at the Destiny Adoption Services Gallery.

For additional information please do not hesitate to email us or reach us by calling 613.852.4735

About Kimberly

About Kimberly

Kimberly Sabourin is the Executive Director and Lead Adoption Consultant of Destiny Adoption Services. She is an adoptive mother and understands the complexities of the adoption process first hand as well as the challenges adoptive children and their families may face post-adoption. Destiny Adoption Services exists to provide support for decisions regarding an unintended pregnancy and for families wanting to adopt. Our services ensure birth parents have support in their decision to place their child for adoption and to resource and empower adoptive families with the knowledge, support and certainty in their choice to adopt.

Kimberly is married and has three children and two grown stepchildren and three grandchildren.

They reside in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The Adoption Council of Ontario completed a profile of the Sabourin family, read it here.

To book Kimberly to speak at your school, agency, adoption event, email her today.

Want to keep in touch with Kimberly? Follow her on Twitter: @destinyadoption.

Ontario’s Adoption Legislation

Ontario’s Adoption Legislation

In Ontario, adoption is regulated by two pieces of legislation.

The Child and Family Services Act, 1990 regulates the adoption of children who are living in Ontario, as well as children from other provinces or countries whose adoptions are finalized in an Ontario court.

The Intercountry Adoption Act, 1998 sets out the requirements that must be met within Ontario for adoptions that will be finalized in other countries.

These acts protect the rights of everyone involved in an adoption: the child, the child’s birth parents and the adoptive parents.

For additional information please do not hesitate to email us or reach us by calling 613.852.4735



The motivation for writing this book was to empower my daughter with the answers she would need to develop a healthy self-image. My daughter was adopted as a newborn and my goal as her mother is to daily ensure that she feels safe and secure with her story.

Every child has a story. My role, as a mother, is to ensure each one of my children know just how incredible and unique their story is. This story reflects our unique journey of being a inter- cultural family involving a private, open adoption. Every adoption and every family is unique.

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Room For Me is now available on iTunes! Click here to purchase this song. All proceeds from the sales of this song go to help adoptable children find forever families!
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For additional information please do not hesitate to email us or reach us by calling 613.852.4735

Colouring Pages

Colouring Pages

Parents, here are some downloadable colouring pages from Kimberly’s book Our Chosen Child – Talking to Children About Inter-Cultural Adoption. These pages can be used as a tool to help your child through the adoption process.  We encourage you to allow open dialogue as you colour with your child as you continue to foster a healthy self-image in your chosen child.

Colouring Pages are in PDF Format.

Colouring Page 1

Colouring Page 2

Colouring Page 3

Colouring Page 4


Watch Hannah’s story as she goes through the process of putting a child up for adoption to help make a Forever Family.